Dewan Rakyat pasar ? Hello ?!??

May 2, 2008

I just don’t get the media’s spin about the unruly behaviour of MPs in parliament during the live telecast last Wednesday. As long as I can remember ( from my personal observation as a visitor and my meetings with senior politicians ) our Malaysia Parliament has always been like that ! It was as normal as how it can be !!!

Macam tak biasa Shabery ? I believe having it live on TV can work for the ruling party if they know how to strategise.It should remain as how it is transparent. If the argument goes that the current opposition are mere opportunist and not real statesman then such accusation will be realized by the rakyat seeing them in action isn’t it ?

I don’t understand Pak Lah’s dissapointment though ; unless he was always asleep in the previous sessions lah… 🙂 Or maybe , he’s just not used to the volume of the opposing side. By the way , no Prime Minister in Malaysia have experienced such chaos as how Pak Lah had to handle last Wednesday. Sorry Tun M ; i guess Pak Lah is more “jantan” than you in Parliament !!


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