Back tactics

July 31, 2008

So DSAI has announced that he is contesting in Permatang Pauh today . Datin Seri Wan Azizah who has been a loyal wife , “mithali”lised her status by giving up the seat which initially belonged to DSAI. To certain quarters , this might be a clever tactic by DSAI’s camp because they know that the police will charge and perhaps capture him soon.He can contest anyway !  This will ensure the Permatang Pauh seat to remain in PKR’s hand no matter who will be contesting. DSAI’s claims of conspiracy will even be more believable ; especially with the recent revelation of the initial Clerking sheet from PUSRAWI.

Its the PEMILIHAN season in UMNO and all quarters are more busy thinking about themselves rather than the party. This ugly UMNO culture and tradition of WARLORD politics in the branch – division is being reversed used diligently by DSAIs camp. They were from the same roof once upon a time anyway !! All UMNO grassroots leaders are more concern about their reign of power rather than helping the party at large ! MCA and MIC are also busy themselves.. I wonder who will spend their time and money in Permatang Pauh ? The by election will be held the latest in October ; the UMNO General Assembly due late this year . Quo Vadis Pak LAh ? How lah ?

I guess.. this will be the time we will see in UMNO whether the struggle is for the party as being shouted and promised. Hipocracy will show itself clear soon. To me , the Barisan Nasional machinery for this coming by election is totally f**ked up. Semua gile rebut kuasa , dan tergadailah segalanya..


One comment

  1. sorry bro, in one of my moods and need some space.

    like many people, i am worried about the country’s future after the permatang pauh elections. what kind of stable government can be formed from party jumpers?

    i am equally sad and disillusioned by the outburst from ahmad ismail and the subsequent reaction. thats what is wrong with the whole BN and the country. we can and have supported one another but when things go wrong we rivet to our ugly racist selves.

    back to basics..ahmad’s comments may have been taken of contex, but he did mention the chinese were immigrants here, same as pre merdeka days. whatever. and the bugis, javanese, the 4 clans of syed in kedah, the achenese and the minagkabau’s magially materialised here. they too migrated here once upon a time.

    but than again, the country has to ‘belong’ to someone. a nation needs its identity and i think its perfectly all right that the malays claim their right as the sons of the soil.
    they have been here for generations, they were born here, here is where they will die and they love this country.
    but so do i….
    why keep on referring to us and immigrants being granted a favour in terms of citizenship? its ancient history.
    i,a malaysian indian have been here for six generations.my son is the seventh generation to be born here. we have been here close to two hundred years.
    my people worked their arses in the rubber plantations to earn a meagre income. many were labourers. the gamble our ancestors took paid dividens as we all came to love this country and owe malaysia a huge debt for the wonderful life the country has given us.
    but its both ways..we didnt just take, we gave back. the rubber industry served as catalyst for the splendid development our country enjoyed. many of the roads we tarred paved the way for more development.
    the educated among us have all proudly served in the civil service. there are family members of mine who perished during the emergency when they were serving in the security forces during the emergency and the confronation. i am still proudly serving this country as a doctor.
    why still label us as immigrants? it hurts us. i love this country and will die for it. Its my country. the same as its yours.
    keep your special rights, you are entitled to them. i dont want to take them away for you. those special right have made thousands of poor malays leap into the comfortable middle class, make doctors and engineers out of the sons of farmers and fisherman. many of them are my friends and i am proud of them.
    but dont label me and my people as immigants who should be gratefull. hundreds of us indians got displaced from rubber estates when the land was cleared for development,pushed into squalid squatters on the fringes of cities.
    no money, no felda resettlements schemes, no MRSM,no PSD scholorsips for education. a small number of us did make big though and we are gratefull. the rest-alcohol, crime, the same as the hispanic ghettos in LA and the native american resettlements.
    keep your special rights, i dont want them. they are not mine to ask. but i want basic job training, some kind of fixed education and a few perks and cables to uplift the indian poor so that they dont become to weakest chain in our society. questioning the social contract? u tell me.
    i love this country and would never want harm to befall it. i cheered like mad when we won the thomas cup, cheered our hockey team against india in the 1998 commomwealth games, i got furious beyond belief when some RPK posted an article belittelling our malay doctors. i took it personally. mess with my malay friends and you mess with me.
    why has our country become like america in the sixties? why was there widespread anger and insecurity among the malays when a group of indians gathered in kl to make a statement about the shit condition their society was in. why was not a single arrest made when another group gathered outside the malaysian bar council and threated to storm the building?skin colour. you cant do anything with black skin nowadays.
    we got in badly in kampung medan like the chinese got it in may 13. we are always reminded to shut up or may 13 will reappear again, the same way parents tell children naughty stories.
    the ultimate evil the indians do is question malay rights and the position of islam.
    like i said, none of us want those things to change, that is the identity of this country.
    its just that the BN has become too racially charged, polarised and ionised. divide and rule. a malay can complete his entire schooling life without ever speaking to an indian. such is the education system in our country.
    and everytime UMNO is in trouble, they use a few key words to fan hatred and form unity.look at the support and unity ahmad ismail’s press conference generated. that is not the way. not in today’s time and age.
    hatred begets more hatred. generate hatred against anwar ibrahim and it backfires. generate hatred against the indians and the chinese and we will get badly, being outnubered 10 to 1. but the country which i love will lose.
    in the sixties, a civilsed country like the US did not allow black and whites to mix in schools. we on the other had people of every race and colour studying together in UM, complete with malay rights and all. and what a fine society we made. what do we have in place today? angry UiTM students at the law! suggestion that there should be 10% quota for us black skinned people to study there.
    the malays are least racist, most tolerant of all asians. otherwise,my people would have taken a boat back 3 generations ago.
    the ruling party’s attitude is slowly but surely transforming them. its illegal to racially stream, hire or select people in many developed nations.
    here, racial streamlining is sanctioned by the law! by law i am second class citizen, its illegal and seditious to elevate my status!
    God is kind. many malays especially the older generation are still very tolerant to us. there are lasting bonds amongst different coloured people in our parents age group.i have personelly seen the beauty of the BN power sharing formula during election campaigns but we are regressing.
    something has to be done or we are going to lose this country.
    i have nothing more to say.
    happy ramadan guys…

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