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Malu malu kucing..

September 12, 2008

Dato Seri Najib’s open statement today with Muhyiddin beside him certainly rattled the 2010 transition plan. The recipe which was “reluctantly” agreed by all in UMNO certainly ran out of favour especially after DSAI’s win in Permatang Pauh. Muhyiddin has clearly showed his “true” feelings this past few weeks ; making raunchier statements against Pak Lah which makes Najib feeling the heat as well.He is under tremendous pressure with the Bahagian meeting coming up pretty soon.  Muhyiddin was present when Tun M revoked his initial step of resigning from UMNO and today was seen next to the PM “in-waiting” who openly declared NOW that its the UMNO members who should decide about the power transition.

Pak Lah in his press conference today certainly looked lonely and deshelved. His songkok was all over and he was defending himself aimlessly.Najib was not seen anywhere near him and guess what ; Najib made his own bold statement when as the Deputy ; he should have defended his earlier agreement of power transition !  Najib knows that he must make the move now or forever he will be seen as the weakest and wimpiest leader UMNO ever had. We would have thought his cousin , Hishamuddin to be the black sheep but unfortunately Najib showed his true self. Lalang la oooii…

Obviously , desperate people turn to desperate measures. In politics today you may be my friend but I will never know what will happen tomorrow. I do pity Pak Lah with this latest development and how he is betrayed by those he trusted and believed in. You never know if the conspirary theory of Pak Lah and DSAI having their own plans together secretly may become into reality with this revelation !!


A mess of DAWN or DOOM.

September 8, 2008

DSAI’s win in Permatang Pauh was expected. It is the stronghold area for him and his family ; rooted so deep that it is so difficult to penetrate ( either way… hehehe ) . Pak Lah was not all out here ; as how most of the UMNO dan BARISAN  leaders who did not come often to campaign for a lost cause. What was not expected was the increase in votes for PKR ; many would have thought with all the money and effort , Barisan could gather more votes and perhaps to win more than Wan Azizah in the March 8th election. Its not a good sign at all for the BARISAN machinery and all looks bad for the ruling coalition. Things are getting hotter and BARISAN NASIONAL really needs to buck up and WAKE UP BRO !!

Today , Barisan received another blow with Pensiangan declared null and another by election is pending. The ruckus of JUMPERS from BARISAN to PAKATAN must be the MOST AWAITED rumour in the Malaysia history. We Malaysian tend to treat rumours as reality and spend a lot of time pondering and speculating ; Its our tradition and HOBBY !! DSAi is smart to play with this mind game and the current BARISAN NASIONAL government is losing control over its component party. “Destabilize your enemies strength.. ” and Tsun Sze must be proud to see his doctrine into practice.

Where art thou BARISAN ? I guess GERAKAN and MCA are actually thinking about leaving BARISAN with their leadership’s latest comments and remarks. Your body language gave it away bro ! Don’t speak about loyalty ; just do it and prove it !Its GERAKANs and MCAs internal elections season ; and unfortunately politicians will always be as how their forefathers were. You will only gather votes when you speak as if you are fighting for your own race’s plight! We have not change a bit. C’mon Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon … you are trying to be the champion because you want to remain as the “relevant” GERAKAN president .I guess , this will be the first time you are not a PAK TURUT or so as how you called it .. HELLO… What have you been doing before and WHY NOW BRO ???  Its the same in the recent DAP AGM ; issues that were brought up were against the foundations of Malaysia. THe old stallions were chosen above the new deneration of “populist” DAP MPs in their CEC. Why ? because the hardcore supporters of DAP still believes in their original IDEOLOGY which the young ones are not so protective upon.

Of course , when a boat is sinking ; why not jump or look for a life saving jacket ? YOU JUMP…I JUMP… Who wouldn’t ? It is interesting to see the development in the coming week with the proposed 16th September as a new dawn for Malaysia ? Or is it the NEW DOOM for Malaysia ?