A mess of DAWN or DOOM.

September 8, 2008

DSAI’s win in Permatang Pauh was expected. It is the stronghold area for him and his family ; rooted so deep that it is so difficult to penetrate ( either way… hehehe ) . Pak Lah was not all out here ; as how most of the UMNO dan BARISAN  leaders who did not come often to campaign for a lost cause. What was not expected was the increase in votes for PKR ; many would have thought with all the money and effort , Barisan could gather more votes and perhaps to win more than Wan Azizah in the March 8th election. Its not a good sign at all for the BARISAN machinery and all looks bad for the ruling coalition. Things are getting hotter and BARISAN NASIONAL really needs to buck up and WAKE UP BRO !!

Today , Barisan received another blow with Pensiangan declared null and another by election is pending. The ruckus of JUMPERS from BARISAN to PAKATAN must be the MOST AWAITED rumour in the Malaysia history. We Malaysian tend to treat rumours as reality and spend a lot of time pondering and speculating ; Its our tradition and HOBBY !! DSAi is smart to play with this mind game and the current BARISAN NASIONAL government is losing control over its component party. “Destabilize your enemies strength.. ” and Tsun Sze must be proud to see his doctrine into practice.

Where art thou BARISAN ? I guess GERAKAN and MCA are actually thinking about leaving BARISAN with their leadership’s latest comments and remarks. Your body language gave it away bro ! Don’t speak about loyalty ; just do it and prove it !Its GERAKANs and MCAs internal elections season ; and unfortunately politicians will always be as how their forefathers were. You will only gather votes when you speak as if you are fighting for your own race’s plight! We have not change a bit. C’mon Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon … you are trying to be the champion because you want to remain as the “relevant” GERAKAN president .I guess , this will be the first time you are not a PAK TURUT or so as how you called it .. HELLO… What have you been doing before and WHY NOW BRO ???  Its the same in the recent DAP AGM ; issues that were brought up were against the foundations of Malaysia. THe old stallions were chosen above the new deneration of “populist” DAP MPs in their CEC. Why ? because the hardcore supporters of DAP still believes in their original IDEOLOGY which the young ones are not so protective upon.

Of course , when a boat is sinking ; why not jump or look for a life saving jacket ? YOU JUMP…I JUMP… Who wouldn’t ? It is interesting to see the development in the coming week with the proposed 16th September as a new dawn for Malaysia ? Or is it the NEW DOOM for Malaysia ?


One comment

  1. fact 1.whatever tan sri’s koh response was and the reason for his response it doesnt change the fact that ahmad ismail said a very naughty thing.

    fact 2.koh, the mca boys and many chinese got very angry at him. any chinese would.

    did koh’s outburst make more angry that they should be? did the media hype make MORE people angry. i dont know. probably.

    then again how angry is one supposed to get at such statements? a bit angry,not too angry? how many people should be upset? i dont know.

    ahmad press conference and his 18 page statement was full of crap. he diverted the anger and annyonance directed at HIM and HIM only as anger directed against the malays. we all have lots of chinese friends. all of them felt ahmad is a crude asshole. ask them how many got angry at the malays or UMNO? seriously, i dont know any who took offence against malays.

    we all have malay friends,girlfriends, neighbours who have never said such things before.

    umno members gave hundreds and hundres of speeches. how many called us squatters in the coutry? as true to malaysian tradition many will stand up saying that they HEARED their friend/neighbour/blogger HEAR that ali from so and so umno division SAID SOMETHING SIMILAR. save it.

    ahmad does not speak for umno or the malays. he is just a warlord in bukit bendera.

    unfortunately the press conference and many of the contents of that 18 page statement is just full of crap. and to cap it off, that photo tearing stunt was just bad. doesnt look good on any angle. very bad in difficult times like this. koh may have his reasons for getting angry with ahmad, but the reality is no one likes getting called immigrants, especially when we are citizens.
    i may be black skinned but my great grandparents probably arrived in the peninsula just a bit later than his.

    politically speaking, its the most dumb assed move of the year. his speech installed a climate of fear.

    i personnally have too much faith in the people of this country and the security forces to let things go out of control.

    i know what everyone’s next reaction is going to be. blame pak lah.

    previously we had a dictator like Tun and everybody’s two testicals were retracted right up to their liver. i agree that such a scenario would not have happened under Tun. he had complete control.

    pak lah tries to treat us like grownups and look at how we have been behaving. we let him down badly. and now looks like the heasmaster is going to come back.

    check out PKR. they were not given a mandate. the total number of seats they won is much less than UMNO’s. they have marginal contol one 1 state. there are 14 in malaysia. their performance, despite all the hype on malaysiakini this elections is factually mediocre. a once in a lifetime excellent performance will be BN’s in 2004. but thats because the elections were not fair. the country will never be fair until DSAI becomes pm and gives us cheaper petrol with petronas huge profits. never mind that oil will run out soon with all our wastefull habits, its not his problem.

    now his best chance at forming the governmnent lies with playing and teasing mind games, destabilising the coalition thru rumors and enticing the crooked among the crooked, the disloyal among the disloyal to join him and form a new malaysia.

    i think that whatever happens, we as all malaysians should learn to stop saying naughty things to our fellow countrymen,dont relate individual matters to an entire race, we should stop blaming the parents when we the kids create a mess at home and we should try to save on oil and not look for cheaper alternatives(including a new pm!) so we can continue being wastefull.

    for 20 years i have seen people of different races work together to help BN candidates win, especially when they fielded non malays in malay dominant areas.
    should those form the goverment thru a well though ambush, we will never see such a show of solidariy again.

    instead we will a smooth talking political broker preventing the DAP and PAS from going at each others throats.

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