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March 16, 2008

It is of no surprise when the DAP leaders acted shamefully in two different incidents ; Perak and Selangor. It is their knee jerk reflex not to bow to anything that sounds  Malays eventhough they have been championing the concept of Malaysian Malaysia. Unfortunately it can be translated literally as anything but Malay !! There are sensitivities that should be respected and acting in such arrogance may cause disharmony . These acts showed blatant hipocracy and revealed true colours of a rotten intent.  

Living in urban societies ; exposed to the unlimited power of the cyber space , the struggles of DAP becomes music to the ears of  the young. It is by nature that the young possesses anti-establishment traits , rebel without a cause usually. Being equal has always been the core of democracy but it should be realized that it traverses socialisme and communisme. It’s the way one intrepretes the concept and it should be addressed and tailored to the community and ethnicity. There is no such “fit for all” wear that can be applied to all.
One has to remember that DAP has always been anti-Malay whether they want to admit it or not. The party was formed in that sentiment and my guess is the younger professionals who joined or sympathizers may not realize this. They would have thought that ideals maybe similar to PKR or GERAKAN which walk in the same direction. Let me bring you back in history in the Party’s first national congress : 

   Setapak Declaration

The Setapak Declaration affirms DAP’s viewpoint that in the process of nation-building, ethnic equality must be made the paramount principle, and it is upon this principle that the separation of citizens into “Bumiputra” and ” non- Bumiputra” is strongly opposed. On policies relating to culture and education, the Declaration stresses the spirit of the National Constitution must be respected; while firmly accepting Bahasa Malaysia as the national language, the right of using other languages must be protected.

 ( July 29 , 1967 )

Of course Lim Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang have no respect for what Malaysia was built on – in putting the Malay Sultanate as the pillar of the constitution . It is never their believe and will never be. Thus such rude acts to states with the royals will be forthcoming .The latest “songkok” saga by YB Teng in Selangor is expected. He may deny the fact that it had happened recently but he had made statements before and it was recorded in his blog :

Teng Chang Khim, Tuesday, 25 July 2006

It has been the DAP policy not to wear the No. 1 suit which comes with a songkok. I have never worn one since 1995.I had even protested when the invitation cards to attend the swearing in ceremony of Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar as the Selangor Menteri Besar at Alam Shah palace in 1997 stated, unprecedentedly, that all the guests were required to wear songkok. Upon my protest, the directive was withdrawn.However, the palace had later again imposed the ruling after the present Sultan came to the throne. Since then, I had never attended any official functions that required the wearing of songkok.

Do not be surprised in later state proceedings , these group of people may act rudely and show their arrogance to the Sultans. I believe that as human beings , we have to respect each other regardless religion or race . It is in the teachings of  Islam , Christianity , Buddhism and all beliefs to accord respect and grace in creating harmony. DAP has to remember that such provoking action may create heavy protest from the Malays ; not because they are Chinese but of arrogance to disrespect cultural sensitivity. We should remain Asian and uphold our universal principles and not behaving similar to the past western colonials .



March 16, 2008

Pak Lah’s position as the Prime Minister is getting weaker everyday. Losing 5 states in the 12th General Polls was a disaster and maybe the worst in UMNO – Barisan Nasional’s history. It is much worse than Tunku’s led Perikatan loss in 1969. When things don’t go the way it was planned , havoc is a sure bet.

Currently , there is an increasing pressure from within the coalition and party in calling for his resignation. The Perlis and Terengganu Mneteri Besar issue is not helping in showing how vulnerable Pak Lah is at the moment. It is of course easy to pinpoint who should be responsible and quit.Its fun to overthrow but have we learnt from history on revolutions ; What next and is there a plan ?

There is a huge leadership crisis in UMNO at the moment. By succession , If Pak Lah steps down then automatically Pak Ajib will take over. Malaysia under Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak ; will it be better for him to lead UMNO and Barisan Nasional out of oblivion ? Najib has all the textbook credential to be the next UMNO President and hence the Prime Minister. Being the son of the most respected Malaysian PM of all time , he is destined to carve his name in Malaysia’s history . However ,why was he not ready before ? Why didn’t the GREAT Tun Dr. M made him his deputy then and avoid the controversial alleged “one term deal” with Pak Lah ? Is there credibility issue ? Wouldn’t he be a liability to the party and country if he becomes the next Prime Minister ? So many questions that we should ask ourselves before we allow him to succeed . Anwar was certainly having a field day during the polls campaign ; championing the corruption and scandals by Najib openly which until now has not been denied nor any police reports made ??!!!

If Najib is not the candidate , then who’s next ? The UMNO Vice Presidents are Muhyiddin , Ali Rustam and Isa . People will be laughing thinking any of these three stooges being made the President. How about Hishamuddin ? His father was the 4th President and his grandfather was the founder of UMNO ? Unfortunately , his charisma is questionable considering his knee-jerk management in all posts that he has held. Waving the keris one day and trying to be diplomatic about it the next day shows how he can easily tumble under pressure. Lets not even talk about Khairi because he’ll be the jonah to the demise of UMNO and a new Malaysia in history.


Mukhriz is trying to emulate what his father did in 1969 – it’s in the genes after all! Pak Lah is not making his management policy better by leaving it to PEMUDA UMNO to act . It is his power as the President to deal with it and that concluded how weak his administration style is. Ku Li and Musa must be cringing seeing such a pathetic scenario at the moment. Gone were the days when any of them were seen as the potential PM ; the young turks of UMNO legacy which unfortunately crushed under Tun Dr. M. Eventhough there are calls for their mainstream return , they may not have the energy and vest.

Anwar will certainly take advantage of the leadership crisis by offering himself to rejoin and lead UMNO ( which will be denied on mainstream media ) ; in the interest and future of Malays as how it would be argued . He was a factor in the GE12 and it was his charisma which led to the unthinkable opposition triumph. His popularity and mesmerizing promises took people by storm and we are disillusioned by the greatest Con-artist in Malaysia ! Just look at his history of leadership ; from his radical student days to ABIM , and how he rose and fell in UMNO , now being on the other side criticizing heavily what he was a part of. He is consistently INCONSISTENT !!! Situation changes everything , but intrinsicly people never..

Pak Lah will eventually go because of the current political scenario. He will be stabbed by his own supporters and the faction is changing camps at the moment. If we are really thinking about the future of UMNO and Malaysia – the next time we elect our president ; I urge that he comes out with a manifesto of his future plans in writings at least…



The 838 Tsunami phenomenon – Part 2

March 10, 2008

Wherever I went today , everybody was talking about the outcome of the 838 elections. From high ranking professionals, gym trainers and down to the “domestic affairs officers” – ( the foreigner working staffs la !! ) were so involved in commenting the outcome of a bizzare polls.Some thought it was a shock , few did expect it but not as how big it is in denying the 2-3rd majority while another group ( who did not even vote !! ) were commenting on how it should not have happened.
I must say in all the discussions I was involved in today had a common fact. They thought the BN government deserved it because of their arrogance. It became a silent understanding that most Malaysians were not happy with how the country is managed at the moment. The government controlled media labelled the phenomena as protest votes while the anti-BN media put it simply as the “rakyat” speaks. Both are however correct ; just like seeing the glass which is half empty and at the same time half full.I do hope that the “viagraless “BN would not blame rakyat as stupid in not voting them as it will only cause more anger and dissapointment.

The rakyat were challenged – time and time again. If they wanted change , d show it during the polls – the ruling party said in past confidence of winning all the time . And my . my .. how the rakyat have reacted. The results amplified that BERSIH and HINDRAF rallies were significant and not just another mere anti establishment tactics. If one really analyze the results almanacly ,it was our electoral distribution maintained the big number of seats for BN . The truth is , losing 5( major states ) out of 11 states in Peninsular ( Melaka , Perlis and Negeri Sembilan is not that big though ) is a major disaster ! Even Johor seems to lessen its role as a guranteed state for BN.

Barisan Nasional only gained about 51 percent of the popular vote from the 7.9 million ballots cast on Saturday.However, it took 63 percent of the seats contested – or 140 of 222 seats in Parliament.Interestingly, its peninsula-wide popular vote was only 49.79 percent, which effectively means that the opposition received the majority vote in this part of the country.However, when converted to parliamentary seats, BN has 85 of the constituencies in the peninsula, while the opposition bagged 80.Almost 40 percent of the BN’s seats are in Sabah and Sarawak – 55 out of 140.

( source : Malaysiakini)

The Malays , Chinese and Indians in urban areas voted for a corruption free management which has been in doubt especially in Selangor. Too many mismanagements were reported in both mass and cyber media ; and somehow they thought they could run away with it. The major revamp on City councils will be interesting to watch ; because all this while it was this particular issue raised and debated in the State Assemblies. Issues of PakLah’s sleeping policy tendencies and claims of KJ’s hidden hand became the popular campaign issue in the rural voting areas. Of course , it sounded like slander and character assasination but unfortunately the counter reaction was not convincing at all ( If it was not true laa.. ) hence the obvious swing for the fence sitters.

However , to really say that we have voted as Malaysians rather than for personal race survival may be too early. We’d like to think we have done so but I beg to differ . It maybe a first step towards creating REAL- Malaysia but our voters are still voting out of sentiment rather than core issues. We will mature as a society as there is no accelerated ways for this .Firstly , we really do need a lot of understanding about Malaysia and love its history. Logical solving of fundamental constitutional issues may not be as simple as how we reckon it is.


The 838 Tsunami phenomenon -Part 1

March 10, 2008

PRU 12 – 8 / 3 / 2008.

Results ? A Political Tsunami they called it ; even the oppositions did not expect such swing. They managed to achieve their lifetime goal of denying 2/3 majority which most analyst thought something impossible to do. Capturing Kedah , Perak and Selangor was a bonus ; don’t think they were prepared about forming state governments unlike Penang which looked doomed since Koh Tsu Koon’s uncharismatic takeover of Gerakan leadership.It was certainly a handsome win if one would like to compare in the long history of oppositions. What was achieved in this election is a dream for Dato Onn , Ahmad Boestamam , Tan Chee Koon etc. I must say , the way they captured victory is impressive.
This election is a total disaster for BN. As how in the yesteryears , proudly saying before polling that holding the 2-3rd majority will never be a problem was disproved. Losing states which were thought to be strongholds is like a big slap to the face. They thought they were going to capture Kelantan , but ending up losing 4 other states ! Pak Lah is shattered and this is a very hard time for him. His senior partners in MIC and Gerakan were obviously ousted by the people’s power. Democratically voted out – a show of displeasure and dissatisfaction since he came out to say ” BEKERJALAH DENGAN SAYA , BUKAN UNTUK SAYA”. What went wrong ? They really need to review and do a proper post mortem to identify truthfully the cause. It can be so obvious to soem but as how we like to live in denial will be the question.
The results also showed how literally the ruling party went to sleep in the last 4 years. Hearing Tun M’s press conference today ; asking Pak Lah to resign is not helping either. The Barisan Nasional is at its weakest at the moment. Unprecedented loss of Shahrizat , Aziz Shamsuddin is a wake up call if he is not already awake. Samy Vellu and Koh Tsu Koon architectured their own downfall ; making unpopular decisions and living in denial. People were not happy. Internal bickering , self sabotage maybe the main factor of why Selangor and Perak were lost . Lost to greediness , self interest and power crazy ; as how it was showed so obviously on the eve of nomination day for Perlis.
By next week , we will know who will lead the unconventional non-partisan government in the numbered states ; and I can imagine the main agenda in their first year will be STATE CLEANSING . I guess this is when we will see Anwar and Ezam’s promised boxes to be revealed..


Being the Sopranos

February 24, 2008

Malaysia politics is about family dynasties. Regardless of the ruling government or opposition front ; the power shift is inherited by their offsprings. Being complacent Malaysians , we tend to continue this trend without really thinking about it. The charisma showed by the elders were thought to be transfered directly to their sons or daughters.

Just look at our ministers. A big number are the children of past prominent leaders of the ruling party and only a handful are of ” i came from the gutter” type of politicians. It is such misfortune to see how connections brought them up and now at the helm of power.

Its not about the ruling government but look at DAP , PKR and PAS. It is the same scenario as well having the same people with their families taking grip of their respective parties. It is sad to see it happening in front of our eyes – Father and son/daughter combination running for office.

I really do not understand this double standard opinion about nepotism – Accusing another but practicing it hypocritically !! I suppose when one son in law looks as if to be in power – might as well we all join the bandwagon !!!