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Malu malu kucing..

September 12, 2008

Dato Seri Najib’s open statement today with Muhyiddin beside him certainly rattled the 2010 transition plan. The recipe which was “reluctantly” agreed by all in UMNO certainly ran out of favour especially after DSAI’s win in Permatang Pauh. Muhyiddin has clearly showed his “true” feelings this past few weeks ; making raunchier statements against Pak Lah which makes Najib feeling the heat as well.He is under tremendous pressure with the Bahagian meeting coming up pretty soon.  Muhyiddin was present when Tun M revoked his initial step of resigning from UMNO and today was seen next to the PM “in-waiting” who openly declared NOW that its the UMNO members who should decide about the power transition.

Pak Lah in his press conference today certainly looked lonely and deshelved. His songkok was all over and he was defending himself aimlessly.Najib was not seen anywhere near him and guess what ; Najib made his own bold statement when as the Deputy ; he should have defended his earlier agreement of power transition !  Najib knows that he must make the move now or forever he will be seen as the weakest and wimpiest leader UMNO ever had. We would have thought his cousin , Hishamuddin to be the black sheep but unfortunately Najib showed his true self. Lalang la oooii…

Obviously , desperate people turn to desperate measures. In politics today you may be my friend but I will never know what will happen tomorrow. I do pity Pak Lah with this latest development and how he is betrayed by those he trusted and believed in. You never know if the conspirary theory of Pak Lah and DSAI having their own plans together secretly may become into reality with this revelation !!


A mess of DAWN or DOOM.

September 8, 2008

DSAI’s win in Permatang Pauh was expected. It is the stronghold area for him and his family ; rooted so deep that it is so difficult to penetrate ( either way… hehehe ) . Pak Lah was not all out here ; as how most of the UMNO dan BARISAN  leaders who did not come often to campaign for a lost cause. What was not expected was the increase in votes for PKR ; many would have thought with all the money and effort , Barisan could gather more votes and perhaps to win more than Wan Azizah in the March 8th election. Its not a good sign at all for the BARISAN machinery and all looks bad for the ruling coalition. Things are getting hotter and BARISAN NASIONAL really needs to buck up and WAKE UP BRO !!

Today , Barisan received another blow with Pensiangan declared null and another by election is pending. The ruckus of JUMPERS from BARISAN to PAKATAN must be the MOST AWAITED rumour in the Malaysia history. We Malaysian tend to treat rumours as reality and spend a lot of time pondering and speculating ; Its our tradition and HOBBY !! DSAi is smart to play with this mind game and the current BARISAN NASIONAL government is losing control over its component party. “Destabilize your enemies strength.. ” and Tsun Sze must be proud to see his doctrine into practice.

Where art thou BARISAN ? I guess GERAKAN and MCA are actually thinking about leaving BARISAN with their leadership’s latest comments and remarks. Your body language gave it away bro ! Don’t speak about loyalty ; just do it and prove it !Its GERAKANs and MCAs internal elections season ; and unfortunately politicians will always be as how their forefathers were. You will only gather votes when you speak as if you are fighting for your own race’s plight! We have not change a bit. C’mon Tan Sri Koh Tsu Koon … you are trying to be the champion because you want to remain as the “relevant” GERAKAN president .I guess , this will be the first time you are not a PAK TURUT or so as how you called it .. HELLO… What have you been doing before and WHY NOW BRO ???  Its the same in the recent DAP AGM ; issues that were brought up were against the foundations of Malaysia. THe old stallions were chosen above the new deneration of “populist” DAP MPs in their CEC. Why ? because the hardcore supporters of DAP still believes in their original IDEOLOGY which the young ones are not so protective upon.

Of course , when a boat is sinking ; why not jump or look for a life saving jacket ? YOU JUMP…I JUMP… Who wouldn’t ? It is interesting to see the development in the coming week with the proposed 16th September as a new dawn for Malaysia ? Or is it the NEW DOOM for Malaysia ?


Raja Petra’s arrest..who’s falling into who’s trap?

May 6, 2008

Justified or not , the Government must answer this question soon. Raja Petra has a huge following and you will never know what will happen in these few days. In just few hours after his arrest , they’ve managed to collect enough funds from netizens to bail him out ! I don’t think he will do that based own his principles. This can be the beginning of a really shocking strategy , and it is interesting how things will turn out. I have a theory regarding the strategy I’ve mentioned and I will post it later after confirming few information from my sources.

source : Malaysiakini

Highly controversial and largely influential blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin wrote himself into the annals of Malaysian history today when he became the first blogger to be charged under the Sedition Act 1948.After a three-hour delay and a switch of courts, Raja Petra finally heard for the first time what he was being accused of.
Clad in a light yellow shirt and blue jeans, the 58-year-old bald-headed writer was charged under Section 4 (1) (c) for nine paragraphs of a story which appeared in Malaysia Today on April 25.The article allegedly implied that Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and his wife were involved in the killing of Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.
Whether it was confusion or mere inefficiency, what took a just 30 minutes in court, after factoring in a 10-minute recess called by justice Nurmala Salim, the entire matter consumed more than three hours.
During the morning session at Jalan Duta, some 100 bloggers, well-wishers and press hounds were treated to hourly briefings of how he has been victimised by the government.The flow of listeners were constant and instead of a day of sombre which is normally associated when friends or family have clashes with the law, the gathering in the morning carried an air of festivity.
Journalists had a field day collecting quotes and photographs of the notable people who had turned up to see him charged.Among the wakil rakyat who turned up to see him were Nurul Izzah Anwar, Tian Chua, Lim Kit Siang, Sallahuddin Ayub, Liew Chin Tong and Wan Azizah Ismail, who showed up at Petaling Jaya later.
Other notables include human rights lawyers Haris Ibrahim, Malik Imtiaz, bloggers Bernard Khoo, YL Chong, Yassim Salleh, Ahiruddin Attan and Nuraina Samad.Four other MPs – Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh, Lim Lip Eng and William Leong – made up his defence team alongside Jasvinderjit Singh, J Chandra and K Balaguru. The prosecution team only had Nordin Hassan.

‘He believes in his innocence’
After more than one-and-a-half hours of waiting, as the case was neither registered there nor were there any charge sheets available yet, the crowd continued their session at the cafeteria. At about 10.20am, one of Raja Petra’s lawyers, Leong, informed everyone that the case had been moved to Petaling Jaya Sessions Court.What ensued was a convoy of cars, like those you see on the highway on their way to kenduris, headed towards the modest court in PJ State.
And if the authorities thought it would be over quickly, they must have been greatly disappointed. For the royal son of Selangor did not capitulate meekly. Instead of paying bail and keeping quiet until his trial date in October, Raja Petra chose the reverse.In the courtroom, one of his lawyers had already told several reporters that his client would not pay bail because he believes in his innocence.And as the news filtered out of the small Sessions Court in Petaling Jaya of his reluctance or inability to post bail, the crowd of well-wishers, bloggers and well-wishers gasped in astonishment at the thought that Raja Petra would be jailed until October.If the authorities had expected to see him vilified and subdued, they were sorely mistaken. For instead of seeing him subjugated, the former businessman and ex-journalist is now a legend.Clasped in handcuffs like a common criminal, photographers followed his every step as he was led in and out of the court after he did not post bail.

Well-wishers shocked Meanwhile, outside the court room, Raja Petra’s wife Marina Lee Abdullah said: “This is a statement he wants to make. He feels that he has done nothing wrong and we don’t have the funds.”If we do a campaign of RM1 a person and when we raise sufficient funds, we’ll take him out as soon as possible.”
During a quick lunch at a fast-food restaurant opposite the court, I watched and eavesdrop on several conversations around me. The well-wishers who were at the court moments earlier had converged here for the same reasons as I.
But more importantly was their conversations. As instead of focusing on the charge or the alleged sedition Raja Petra is accused of, their conversations understandably revolved around the injustice he has been meted out with.
Needless to say, more was made of the fact that he will now have to linger in jail for causing Barisan Nasional’s defeat in Selangor and four states.And more will be said about how he was targetted after an Umno Youth vice leader in Petaling Jaya Utara was said to have told a meeting that “we have to arrest Raja Petra”.


Dewan Rakyat pasar ? Hello ?!??

May 2, 2008

I just don’t get the media’s spin about the unruly behaviour of MPs in parliament during the live telecast last Wednesday. As long as I can remember ( from my personal observation as a visitor and my meetings with senior politicians ) our Malaysia Parliament has always been like that ! It was as normal as how it can be !!!

Macam tak biasa Shabery ? I believe having it live on TV can work for the ruling party if they know how to strategise.It should remain as how it is transparent. If the argument goes that the current opposition are mere opportunist and not real statesman then such accusation will be realized by the rakyat seeing them in action isn’t it ?

I don’t understand Pak Lah’s dissapointment though ; unless he was always asleep in the previous sessions lah… 🙂 Or maybe , he’s just not used to the volume of the opposing side. By the way , no Prime Minister in Malaysia have experienced such chaos as how Pak Lah had to handle last Wednesday. Sorry Tun M ; i guess Pak Lah is more “jantan” than you in Parliament !!


Exclusive : Pak LAh rebuts.. 6/4/08

April 6, 2008

Jam sudah pukul 10 pagi. Kelibat Presiden UMNO masih belum kelihatan ketika itu. Dewan yang hanya mampu memenuhi seramai 1500 orang kelihatan mampat. Keheningan suasana terasa dan kelihatan ahli-ahli UMNO yang prihatin bersesak-sesak untuk mengambil tempat di dalam dewan. Namun ramai yang yang kecewa terpaksa akur berada di luar dewan untuk mendengar penerangan PRESIDEN UMNO dalam perhimpunan tertutup yang ditunggu-tunggu.

Jam 1005 Pak Lah tiba diringi Datuk Seri Najib dan dewan terus bergema dengan salam dan selawat ke atas nabi junjungan. Lagu Negaraku dan UMNO dinyanyikan dengan gemuruh ; setiap senikata dan bait dihayati sedalam-dalamnya.

Tan Sri Muhammad Mohd Taib menghangatkan majlis dengan intipati ucapan menyentuh kronologi kritikan pedas terhadap kepimpinan Pak Lah. Menurutnya , tidak adil menuding jari ke arah Pak Lah semata-mata. Tuduhan-tuduhan yang penuh emosi adalah persepsi yang diputarbelitkan terutamanya oleh media alternatif yang menembusi segala lapisan masyarakat. UMNO perlu peka dan lebih fleksibel dalam meniti krisis ini.. Ramai tidak sedar akan kesahihan fakta yakni UMNO pasca pilihanraya 2008 lebih kukuh dari UMNO pasca pilihanraya 1999. Pak Lah perlu diberi peluang ujarnya. Ahli-ahli parti diseru supaya tidak terpengaruh dengan petualang dan pengkhianat UMNO.

Tepat jam 1045 pagi , keadaan yang menjadi gelisah ketika ucaptama Ketua Penerangan UMNO berubah menjadi sunyi sepi apabila tiba giliran Pak Lah untuk berucap. Beliau yang jarang-jarang dilihat tegas berucap dengan penuh semangat yang membuat hadirin terpaku .Beliau mengajak ahli-ahli UMNO berfikir mengapa sokongan rakyat kini sudah tidak sepenuhnya kepada Barisan Nasional. Apa yang telah terjadi ? Parti-parti komponen seperti MCA , MIC dan GERAKAN yang kalah teruk telah memulakan langkah pemulihan parti tetapi sayangnya , dalam UMNO ada yang ingin merobohkan dan menghancurkan UMNO.

Pak Lah mengulangi kenyataannya sebelum ini bagaimana kita menerima mesej jelas dari rakyat selepas pilihanraya . Rakyat mahukan perubahan dan malangnya perubahan yang dilakukan kerajaan BN belum cukup. Mandat besar yang diberikan pada 2004 tidak dilaksanakan kepercayaan itu secukupnya. Kerajaan BN mesti melakukan lebih baik dari yang sedia ada. Harga minyak dan barangan asas telah naik mendadak dan ini menyebabkan rakyat marah. Kerajaan telah sebenarnya mencuba sedaya upaya untuk mengurangkan beban dan menerangkan dengan selengkapnya langkah-langkah yang diambil. Namun , hasutan dari pihak yang tidak bertanggungjawab memutar-belitkan fakta keuntungan PETRONAS yang sepatutnya digunakan untuk mengurangkan beban ini. Pak Lah menegaskan kewujudan PETRONAS bukan sebagai agensi subsidi tetapi badan yang bertanggungjawab untuk kemajuan.

Pak Lah juga menyentuh mengenai isu agama , kuil dan pakatan HINDRAF. Kaum India pada pilihanraya ini memangkah selain BN untuk menyatakan ketidakpuashatian mereka. Orang-orang Cina juga diprovokasi untuk tidak menyenangi kaum Melayu yang dianggap sudah kuat atas isu DEB , ketuanan melayu , tentera dan polis.

Pak Lah sempat menyelar Tun Dr Mahathir ( yang dipanggilnya orang tua ) kerana sebelum 8 Mac beliaulah yang memberikan imbasan yang Malaysia memerlukan parti pembangkang yang lebih kuat. Apabila keadaan sudah jadi sebagaimana yang dibayangkannya , Pak Lah pula yang diperlekehkan. Tun Dr Mahathir tidak sedar yang beliau sendiri sukar untuk menerima pendapat orang lain walaupun di dalam partinya sendiri ketika zaman pemerintahannya. Fakta ; Sokongan orang Melayu sebenarnya lebih jitu kini berbanding 1999.

Barisan Nasional sebenarnya menang besar di kawasan-kawasan majoriti melayu dan kalah teruk di kawasan bukan majoriti melayu. ( Kawasan >60% pengundi melayu , BN menang 63% kerusi yang ditandingi .kawasan >60% pengundi bukan melayu , BN Cuma menang 19% dari kerusi yang ditandingi. ) Namun kekalahan 22 kerusi parlimen kawasan putih dikesan puncanya sebagai SABOTAJ dalaman. Begitu juga nasib 22 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri yang menjadi punca kejatuhan negeri Perak dan Kedah kepada pembangkang. UMNO sendiri yang menyebabkan kekalahan UMNO. TIndakan pengkhianatan ini dikutuk keras oleh Pak Lah dan sekiranya didapati bersalah , akan dihukum sewajarnya.

Pak Lah merayu ahli-ahli UMNO supaya sayangkan UMNO. Peristiwa hitam pengharaman UMNO pada 1988 amat menyedihkan. Parut lukanya masih berdarah dan tidak pernah pulih sepenuhnya. Tun Dr Mahathir tidak pula diminta untuk meletakkan jawatan pada ketika itu , tetapi semua ahli diminta bermuhasabah dan mengukuhkan UMNO. UMNO harus sedar dan tidak hanyut ; sentiasa prihatin kepada suara rakyat. Rakyat yang mengundi Pak Lah pada 2004 jugalah yang telah mengundi sebaliknya pada 2008 ; dan kali ini isyarat jelas untuk reformasi menyeluruh telah dihantar. PArti yang kuat itu datang dari sokongan rakyat dan bukan ahli ahli parti sahaja semata-mata.

Pak Lah juga mengakui kehadiran perang siber dan blog yang memberikan impak dan punca keputusan pilihanraya yang tidak berpihak kepada Barisan Nasional. Beliau memberitahu yang di ruangan siber itu pada ketika ini Tun Dr Mahathir sebenarnya banyak dikecam. Tiada siapa malaikat , tidak Pak Lah mahupun Datuk Seri Najib. Pak Lah mengecam Tun Dr Mahathir yang kononnya memperjuangkan kebebasan media. Pak Lah mengingatkan hadirin tentang penyalahgunaan ISA seperti OPERASI LALANG ketika zaman pemerintahannya. Pak Lah kesal dipanggil lemah , lembik dan tidak ditakuti orang tetapi tidak mahu membalas memanggil nama kerana tidak mahu menjatuhkan air muka Tun Dr. Mahathir. Rakyat kini sebenarnya mempersoalkan Tun Dr Mahathir. Video Lingam dirakamkan sewaktu Tun Dr Mahathir masih menjadi Perdana Menteri ! Begitu juga dengan isu kuota – Pelopornya ialah tidak lain dan tidak bukan Tun Dr Mahathir sendiri !

Pak Lah menegaskan bahawa Khairi tidak sama sekali terlibat dengan senarai calon dan cabinet.Hanya Datuk Seri Najib dan Datuk Seri Sheikh Radzi yang membantunya dan tiada orang lain. Begitu juga dengan tuduhan liar mengenai tindak tanduk “budak-budak” tingkat empat. Pak Lah bertanggungjawab ke atas semua keputusannya yang tidak dibayangi oleh mana mana pihak.

Pak Lah berazam untuk mengotakan semua janji-janji Barisan Nasional. Semua Koridor yang dirancang perlu dilaksanakan segera. Pengukuhan modal insan perlu menjadi keutamaan. Begitu juga dengan isu agama yang menjadi mainan politik sewenang-wenangnya. Selain itu penyusunan parti perlu bermula dari akar umbi dalam langkah untuk membina semula UMNO dan BARISAN NASIONAL.

Pak Lah memberikan satu soalan yang mudah tetapi sukar untuk dijawab. Mampukah kita mengukuhkan UMNO di negeri-negeri yang kita kalah ? Peranan yang dimainkan di negeri-negeri ini telah berubah dan UMNO perlu peka. Pak Lah sekali lagi menyelar kenyataan Tun Dr Mahathir yang menganggap UMNO sudah tiada lagi harapan di Kedah , Pulau Pinang , Perak dan Selangor. Pak Lah mengingatkan hadirin ketika Tun Dr M sendiri yang menjadi Ketua UMNO Kelantan , tetapi PAS masih lagi memerintah negeri itu. Begitu juga dengan Tengku Razaleigh yang tidak pernah memberikan apa-apa impak kepada parti ; malah dia kehilangan satu kerusi Dean Undangan Negeri di kawasan parlimennya dalam pilihanraya baru-baru ini.

Media di zaman Pak Lah sebenarnya adalah yang paling bebas. Ketika Anwar Ibrahim menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri , dia mengawal aliran media. Pak Lah sekali lagi mengingatkan ahli-ahli UMNO yang hadir mengenai tindakan Tun Dr M selepas menjadi Perdana Menteri ; untuk tidak menyiarkan apa-apa berita mengenai mantan Perdana Menteri ketika itu , Tun Hussein Onn.

Musuh sebenar UMNO ialah pihak pembangkang dan bukan UMNO. Pak Lah menyatakan yang pada ketika dia memilih Datuk Seri Najib sebagai timbalannya , Pak Lah mahu bekerjasama dengan beliau sepenuhnya. Apabila tiba masa , tampuk pemerintahan akan diserahkan dan Datuk Seri Najib diharapkan agar membawa Malaysia ke arah kemajuan pasca 2020. Pak Lah akan sentiasa merestui perjuangan sebegini dan berharap dapat melihat sinar itu sekalipun berkerusi roda.

“ Saya bukan tamak , saya bersyukur.. “


Humpty dumpty Jebat

March 23, 2008

The Terengganu MB saga is absolutely ridiculous. It shows how sore the relationship between the palace and BN . It had been going on for two weeks and never in Malaysian history that any state government not formed during this period. The Sultan disagreed with Pak Lah’s choice and the crisis now showed how neither party were able to resolve it wisely. It is a serious problem and Pak Lah is certainly having a headache with this problem surfacing in all the turmoil post 838. All these are pointers how weak he is at the moment.

It is sad to see these stupid newly elected state assemblymen reacted the the non-appointment of Idris Jusoh. Declaring publicly to boycott the proceeding is bollocks and showed their disrespectfulness of the royalty. As if they cannot compromise and discuss it privately to sort out a win-win situation for everybody. Threatening to resign is just out of this world .. I mean , who do they think they are ? For UMNO to threaten the appointed Menteri Besar to be sacked from UMNO is PURELY STUPID and shows how f***ed up UMNO is at the moment! Excuse my vulgarity but i find this current situation totally unacceptable. Rakyat will surely vote BN out of Terengganu if a massive state by-elections is to be held. It is sad to see them being so disrespectful and “derhaka” in such a way.I despice these individuals as how I’ve despiced Lim Kit Siang for his act earlier against the Perak regent.

The currenty monarch is going against Pak Lah ; either he is unlucky or there is something really wrong going on. Speculations regarding why is an open secret and this royal revolt maybe the indicator that it is not rumours after all. The country is going bonkers and out of control at the moment. Where art thou ?


The Canon is out

March 19, 2008

Ku Li has declared publicly his intention to “clean” UMNO by challenging Pak Lah. This charismatic leader who challenged Tun Dr M in 1987 is doing it again. He ended up with Semangat 46 which in the end faltered because its foundation or cause of struggle was never defined. He maybe 71 but seeing things in disarray at the moment may have prompted him to act rather than just wait and see things crumbling. He knows Pak Lah ‘s position is dodgy , and with the increasing number of enemies he is making by day ; you’d never know the kind of support that Ku Li can get. Radzi was his stalwart soldier in Team B and I am sure Radzi still wants to be a relevant factor in UMNO. Lets see if Musa would join him again !I’m sure there’ll be lots of silent supporters out there who will come out and voice their dissatisfaction against Pak Lah. Rais Yatim , the then Deputy President of Semangat 46 is really quiet since his promotion to Foreign Affairs .As for Tun Dr M , He’ll just be applauding to see the current scenario.

( from NST )

KOTA BARU, Wed 19 March 2008 :

MP for Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has made public his intent to challenge Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the presidency. He has offered himself to lead Umno to “heal the party”, which he described to be “in a bad way.”

While acknowledging that his advancing age might be used against him, the 71-year-old former Finance Minister, who held the Gua Musang parliamentary seat since 1969, expressed willingness to take up the challenge if he was given the opportunity.
Tengku Razaleigh, who challenged but lost to then Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the 1987 party elections, said he was “young” then and ever ready to challenge anyone with his ideas.
“I still have ideas, I am still brave because I am independent and I don’t depend on anyone. If my service is still needed and my strength can still be used, I am offering myself to work for the rakyat,” he told a press conference here today. “Even though I am old but I am still strong. If there are enough nominations for me to contest in the Umno election, I will give my service if I am needed.”
The Gua Musang Umno division chief, who described Umno’s defeat in the recent general election as the most painful and horrible moment in his political career, said he would call for a special meeting in his division tomorrow to discuss his proposal for the party to hold a special meeting to discuss the defeat.

Tengku Razaleigh had recently distributed letters to all Umno divisions and branch heads, urging them to utilise a section in the party’s constitution to call for a special Umno EGM on May 11, the party’s anniversary, to discuss the dismal polls performance. He felt the meeting should be held before the annual general meeting in August to “avoid confusion.”
“I felt the general assembly has to deal with lots of issues, so let us have this special meeting to discuss the election results. I hope the other Umno divisions will consider this. This can be done according to the party’s constitution and it is an abnormal thing. We need to discuss this defeat. Haven’t the Umno members realise we’ve lost five states? Are they still sleeping?”
On the desire of the five opposition-led state government’s desire to do away the National Economic Policy, Tengku Razaleigh said the topic was questioned because some quarters tasked with implementing the policy had “abused their powers to the point of raising ire of both commoners and Umno members.”
“The discrimination should not have happened as the NEP was a trust for the rakyat,” he said. “The policy is not meant solely for a group of people but the rakyat should view its overall objective which is to bring unity to the country. I support the policy in principle but I feel that it should be continued to remain as it was formulated back then.”