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Humpty dumpty Jebat

March 23, 2008

The Terengganu MB saga is absolutely ridiculous. It shows how sore the relationship between the palace and BN . It had been going on for two weeks and never in Malaysian history that any state government not formed during this period. The Sultan disagreed with Pak Lah’s choice and the crisis now showed how neither party were able to resolve it wisely. It is a serious problem and Pak Lah is certainly having a headache with this problem surfacing in all the turmoil post 838. All these are pointers how weak he is at the moment.

It is sad to see these stupid newly elected state assemblymen reacted the the non-appointment of Idris Jusoh. Declaring publicly to boycott the proceeding is bollocks and showed their disrespectfulness of the royalty. As if they cannot compromise and discuss it privately to sort out a win-win situation for everybody. Threatening to resign is just out of this world .. I mean , who do they think they are ? For UMNO to threaten the appointed Menteri Besar to be sacked from UMNO is PURELY STUPID and shows how f***ed up UMNO is at the moment! Excuse my vulgarity but i find this current situation totally unacceptable. Rakyat will surely vote BN out of Terengganu if a massive state by-elections is to be held. It is sad to see them being so disrespectful and “derhaka” in such a way.I despice these individuals as how I’ve despiced Lim Kit Siang for his act earlier against the Perak regent.

The currenty monarch is going against Pak Lah ; either he is unlucky or there is something really wrong going on. Speculations regarding why is an open secret and this royal revolt maybe the indicator that it is not rumours after all. The country is going bonkers and out of control at the moment. Where art thou ?


The Canon is out

March 19, 2008

Ku Li has declared publicly his intention to “clean” UMNO by challenging Pak Lah. This charismatic leader who challenged Tun Dr M in 1987 is doing it again. He ended up with Semangat 46 which in the end faltered because its foundation or cause of struggle was never defined. He maybe 71 but seeing things in disarray at the moment may have prompted him to act rather than just wait and see things crumbling. He knows Pak Lah ‘s position is dodgy , and with the increasing number of enemies he is making by day ; you’d never know the kind of support that Ku Li can get. Radzi was his stalwart soldier in Team B and I am sure Radzi still wants to be a relevant factor in UMNO. Lets see if Musa would join him again !I’m sure there’ll be lots of silent supporters out there who will come out and voice their dissatisfaction against Pak Lah. Rais Yatim , the then Deputy President of Semangat 46 is really quiet since his promotion to Foreign Affairs .As for Tun Dr M , He’ll just be applauding to see the current scenario.

( from NST )

KOTA BARU, Wed 19 March 2008 :

MP for Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has made public his intent to challenge Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for the presidency. He has offered himself to lead Umno to “heal the party”, which he described to be “in a bad way.”

While acknowledging that his advancing age might be used against him, the 71-year-old former Finance Minister, who held the Gua Musang parliamentary seat since 1969, expressed willingness to take up the challenge if he was given the opportunity.
Tengku Razaleigh, who challenged but lost to then Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad in the 1987 party elections, said he was “young” then and ever ready to challenge anyone with his ideas.
“I still have ideas, I am still brave because I am independent and I don’t depend on anyone. If my service is still needed and my strength can still be used, I am offering myself to work for the rakyat,” he told a press conference here today. “Even though I am old but I am still strong. If there are enough nominations for me to contest in the Umno election, I will give my service if I am needed.”
The Gua Musang Umno division chief, who described Umno’s defeat in the recent general election as the most painful and horrible moment in his political career, said he would call for a special meeting in his division tomorrow to discuss his proposal for the party to hold a special meeting to discuss the defeat.

Tengku Razaleigh had recently distributed letters to all Umno divisions and branch heads, urging them to utilise a section in the party’s constitution to call for a special Umno EGM on May 11, the party’s anniversary, to discuss the dismal polls performance. He felt the meeting should be held before the annual general meeting in August to “avoid confusion.”
“I felt the general assembly has to deal with lots of issues, so let us have this special meeting to discuss the election results. I hope the other Umno divisions will consider this. This can be done according to the party’s constitution and it is an abnormal thing. We need to discuss this defeat. Haven’t the Umno members realise we’ve lost five states? Are they still sleeping?”
On the desire of the five opposition-led state government’s desire to do away the National Economic Policy, Tengku Razaleigh said the topic was questioned because some quarters tasked with implementing the policy had “abused their powers to the point of raising ire of both commoners and Umno members.”
“The discrimination should not have happened as the NEP was a trust for the rakyat,” he said. “The policy is not meant solely for a group of people but the rakyat should view its overall objective which is to bring unity to the country. I support the policy in principle but I feel that it should be continued to remain as it was formulated back then.”



March 19, 2008

The new cabinet announced on the 18th of March gave different impact to different groups. BY calibre , it is difficult to critisize the cabinet at the moment because it is a known well fact that the team now are hard working. Even alternative leaders  chose to wait for this team to be in action before opening their mouth.  The appointments of Zaid Ibrahim and Shahrir Samad showed how serious Pak Lah is in having the “brave” ones working with him in federal matters. It is a serious image enhancement exercise and having them on board is spot on for damage control.

Pak Lah is certainly trying to clean up the mess ; a bit late but better than never. Those seen as controversial were kicked out ; and few did not know it was coming. Rafidah and Radzi were shocked and expressed their dissappointments openly . Tengku Adnan was a surprise inclusion for the polls but his exit from the cabinet showed how close he was to be  kicked out indefinitely. Rafidah decided not to resign as the Wanita chief and that is a sign that she will retaliate. She never gives up things easily and is this a signal for more trouble to come ?

Pak Lah stern stance after the dissapointing polls revealed his weakness more and more. The refusal of the Terengganu and Perlis royals to accept his choice for Menteri Besar was a big blow for his ego. The episode was a direct insult to Pak Lah really. PEMUDA UMNO  did not suspend Mukhriz as how it was expected to ; Pak Lah holds the autonomy power to sack Mukhriz indefinitely and by not doing it his grip over UMNO is faltering. The refusal of Anifah and Tengku Azlan to accept the deputy minister’s post challenged Pak Lah’s leadership. Radzi , The Secretary General calls it the day and said he can’t work with Pak Lah anymore. Rafidah , the Wanita chief was very sarcarstic in her PC today. Everybody is showing their protest to Pak Lah but still the denial syndrome remains.

All the signals and body language is for Pak Lah to go. Of course , statements are out by all factions to pledge their loyalty to the Prime Minister. However , do remember history during Tun Hussein Onn’s “official” dismissal , Ghafar Baba’s tenure as DPM and just moments before Anwar’s dismissal in 1998. Politics will remain be as how it has been shaped to be.  The only argument why he should stay as PM and UMNO president for now maybe because there is nobody else who can take over at the moment. Transfer of power to the obvious ones in line is somehow not an alternative. The vacuum is evident and UMNO as an entity needs to rethink and reorganize .


Starting point

March 19, 2008

I am really happy that there are people out there reading my blog . Not only that , because oftheir concern for Malaysia ; there were kind enough to leave comments for discussion ! Thank you.. thank you… As you can see I will not sensor nor filter the comments .Its time to  trash out our thoughts. Its time we practice what we’ve been preaching for years about democracy yeah ? Everybody is entitled to their own opinion ; but lets talk facts and argue intelligently ; not based on emotion and for ego’s sake.

I applaud my enthusiastic Malaysians… *smile*



March 16, 2008

It is of no surprise when the DAP leaders acted shamefully in two different incidents ; Perak and Selangor. It is their knee jerk reflex not to bow to anything that sounds  Malays eventhough they have been championing the concept of Malaysian Malaysia. Unfortunately it can be translated literally as anything but Malay !! There are sensitivities that should be respected and acting in such arrogance may cause disharmony . These acts showed blatant hipocracy and revealed true colours of a rotten intent.  

Living in urban societies ; exposed to the unlimited power of the cyber space , the struggles of DAP becomes music to the ears of  the young. It is by nature that the young possesses anti-establishment traits , rebel without a cause usually. Being equal has always been the core of democracy but it should be realized that it traverses socialisme and communisme. It’s the way one intrepretes the concept and it should be addressed and tailored to the community and ethnicity. There is no such “fit for all” wear that can be applied to all.
One has to remember that DAP has always been anti-Malay whether they want to admit it or not. The party was formed in that sentiment and my guess is the younger professionals who joined or sympathizers may not realize this. They would have thought that ideals maybe similar to PKR or GERAKAN which walk in the same direction. Let me bring you back in history in the Party’s first national congress : 

   Setapak Declaration

The Setapak Declaration affirms DAP’s viewpoint that in the process of nation-building, ethnic equality must be made the paramount principle, and it is upon this principle that the separation of citizens into “Bumiputra” and ” non- Bumiputra” is strongly opposed. On policies relating to culture and education, the Declaration stresses the spirit of the National Constitution must be respected; while firmly accepting Bahasa Malaysia as the national language, the right of using other languages must be protected.

 ( July 29 , 1967 )

Of course Lim Guan Eng and his father Kit Siang have no respect for what Malaysia was built on – in putting the Malay Sultanate as the pillar of the constitution . It is never their believe and will never be. Thus such rude acts to states with the royals will be forthcoming .The latest “songkok” saga by YB Teng in Selangor is expected. He may deny the fact that it had happened recently but he had made statements before and it was recorded in his blog :

Teng Chang Khim, Tuesday, 25 July 2006

It has been the DAP policy not to wear the No. 1 suit which comes with a songkok. I have never worn one since 1995.I had even protested when the invitation cards to attend the swearing in ceremony of Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar as the Selangor Menteri Besar at Alam Shah palace in 1997 stated, unprecedentedly, that all the guests were required to wear songkok. Upon my protest, the directive was withdrawn.However, the palace had later again imposed the ruling after the present Sultan came to the throne. Since then, I had never attended any official functions that required the wearing of songkok.

Do not be surprised in later state proceedings , these group of people may act rudely and show their arrogance to the Sultans. I believe that as human beings , we have to respect each other regardless religion or race . It is in the teachings of  Islam , Christianity , Buddhism and all beliefs to accord respect and grace in creating harmony. DAP has to remember that such provoking action may create heavy protest from the Malays ; not because they are Chinese but of arrogance to disrespect cultural sensitivity. We should remain Asian and uphold our universal principles and not behaving similar to the past western colonials .



March 16, 2008

Pak Lah’s position as the Prime Minister is getting weaker everyday. Losing 5 states in the 12th General Polls was a disaster and maybe the worst in UMNO – Barisan Nasional’s history. It is much worse than Tunku’s led Perikatan loss in 1969. When things don’t go the way it was planned , havoc is a sure bet.

Currently , there is an increasing pressure from within the coalition and party in calling for his resignation. The Perlis and Terengganu Mneteri Besar issue is not helping in showing how vulnerable Pak Lah is at the moment. It is of course easy to pinpoint who should be responsible and quit.Its fun to overthrow but have we learnt from history on revolutions ; What next and is there a plan ?

There is a huge leadership crisis in UMNO at the moment. By succession , If Pak Lah steps down then automatically Pak Ajib will take over. Malaysia under Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak ; will it be better for him to lead UMNO and Barisan Nasional out of oblivion ? Najib has all the textbook credential to be the next UMNO President and hence the Prime Minister. Being the son of the most respected Malaysian PM of all time , he is destined to carve his name in Malaysia’s history . However ,why was he not ready before ? Why didn’t the GREAT Tun Dr. M made him his deputy then and avoid the controversial alleged “one term deal” with Pak Lah ? Is there credibility issue ? Wouldn’t he be a liability to the party and country if he becomes the next Prime Minister ? So many questions that we should ask ourselves before we allow him to succeed . Anwar was certainly having a field day during the polls campaign ; championing the corruption and scandals by Najib openly which until now has not been denied nor any police reports made ??!!!

If Najib is not the candidate , then who’s next ? The UMNO Vice Presidents are Muhyiddin , Ali Rustam and Isa . People will be laughing thinking any of these three stooges being made the President. How about Hishamuddin ? His father was the 4th President and his grandfather was the founder of UMNO ? Unfortunately , his charisma is questionable considering his knee-jerk management in all posts that he has held. Waving the keris one day and trying to be diplomatic about it the next day shows how he can easily tumble under pressure. Lets not even talk about Khairi because he’ll be the jonah to the demise of UMNO and a new Malaysia in history.


Mukhriz is trying to emulate what his father did in 1969 – it’s in the genes after all! Pak Lah is not making his management policy better by leaving it to PEMUDA UMNO to act . It is his power as the President to deal with it and that concluded how weak his administration style is. Ku Li and Musa must be cringing seeing such a pathetic scenario at the moment. Gone were the days when any of them were seen as the potential PM ; the young turks of UMNO legacy which unfortunately crushed under Tun Dr. M. Eventhough there are calls for their mainstream return , they may not have the energy and vest.

Anwar will certainly take advantage of the leadership crisis by offering himself to rejoin and lead UMNO ( which will be denied on mainstream media ) ; in the interest and future of Malays as how it would be argued . He was a factor in the GE12 and it was his charisma which led to the unthinkable opposition triumph. His popularity and mesmerizing promises took people by storm and we are disillusioned by the greatest Con-artist in Malaysia ! Just look at his history of leadership ; from his radical student days to ABIM , and how he rose and fell in UMNO , now being on the other side criticizing heavily what he was a part of. He is consistently INCONSISTENT !!! Situation changes everything , but intrinsicly people never..

Pak Lah will eventually go because of the current political scenario. He will be stabbed by his own supporters and the faction is changing camps at the moment. If we are really thinking about the future of UMNO and Malaysia – the next time we elect our president ; I urge that he comes out with a manifesto of his future plans in writings at least…



Pak Lah to answer..

March 10, 2008

.It’s a big headache for Pak Lah to choose the new cabinet members. He can’t be appointing senators from MIC and GERAKAN to make the numbers. Giving most of the post to UMNO is a no no as well as it will not auger well in the power sharing concept.
Reduce the number of cabinet members. We have too many ridiculous minister posts !!
Choose only those who deserve it.. ( many would beg to differ this point though !! )

2.Ready to accept that the first proposal from the parliament opposition ; vote of no confidence to the current PM and government . This time around , the ruling party cannot veto it out and it will be discussed and debated in length !!
It can be very humiliating. Must consider “escape-clause” ! This needs a lot of balls though..

3.Should i even proceed to the National Budget presentation ?( An obvious 2/3 majority issue !! ) Expect a counter Budget which will sound more convincing to the rakyat . Big dilemma here…
Please do a proper meeting and discussion with the opposing party before presenting ! Don’t end up looking like a fool when it is not passed by the House of Commons !

4.Certain UMNO faction maybe planning for your dismissal behind your back. It has happened before and do learn from history. This sentiment will grow and the one in waiting is smiling from ear to ear!
You just have to follow the flow ; bound to happen sooner or later. Too many people hungry for power and resistance is futile. Is there any other choice ?