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Back tactics

July 31, 2008

So DSAI has announced that he is contesting in Permatang Pauh today . Datin Seri Wan Azizah who has been a loyal wife , “mithali”lised her status by giving up the seat which initially belonged to DSAI. To certain quarters , this might be a clever tactic by DSAI’s camp because they know that the police will charge and perhaps capture him soon.He can contest anyway !  This will ensure the Permatang Pauh seat to remain in PKR’s hand no matter who will be contesting. DSAI’s claims of conspiracy will even be more believable ; especially with the recent revelation of the initial Clerking sheet from PUSRAWI.

Its the PEMILIHAN season in UMNO and all quarters are more busy thinking about themselves rather than the party. This ugly UMNO culture and tradition of WARLORD politics in the branch – division is being reversed used diligently by DSAIs camp. They were from the same roof once upon a time anyway !! All UMNO grassroots leaders are more concern about their reign of power rather than helping the party at large ! MCA and MIC are also busy themselves.. I wonder who will spend their time and money in Permatang Pauh ? The by election will be held the latest in October ; the UMNO General Assembly due late this year . Quo Vadis Pak LAh ? How lah ?

I guess.. this will be the time we will see in UMNO whether the struggle is for the party as being shouted and promised. Hipocracy will show itself clear soon. To me , the Barisan Nasional machinery for this coming by election is totally f**ked up. Semua gile rebut kuasa , dan tergadailah segalanya..